Art and Cultural Activities You Can Do in Atlanta

by | Sep 21, 2020 | Atlanta City Tour

Atlanta is a hub of art and cultural activities. From broadway fashion shows, 3D photoshoot, superstar concerts, filmmaking, poetry, and drama – you’re sure to find one art and cultural activity in any corner of Atlanta every other week.

It’s never too late to stroll into an art studio or jump on cultural activity in the city, so we’ve listed some of the activities that’ll be of interest to you, whether to hone your skill or to have a great time in the city.

1. Music and Singing

You can hear music from any corner of the world; however, good music is made in Atlanta. All genres of music such as effervescent hip-hop, soulful rhythms, and blues, Indies, to the unique Atlanta Symphony Orchestra spring seamlessly from the Georgia city. 

There are spectacular live music events and concerts in Atlanta to help you get your groove on. With a ticket in your hand, you’ll witness the electrifying chemistry between your favorite singer and you.

Be sure to run into a live music event with a visit to Centennial Olympic Park or Piedmont Park. Another musical venue like 529 is a musical powerhouse hosting many must-seen musical performances in the city.

2. Photography and Film

Love the feel of the camera in your hands? Photography and film recreational activities in Atlanta would help you with an unforgettable experience. Krog Street Tunnel in East Atlanta has so many unique artworks to grace your camera, whether for personal enjoyment or professional use.

A picture or video was taken at the Jackson Bridge would keep the memory of the Atlanta skyline fresh. Moreover, if your love for nature is excellent, Piedmont Park would be perfect for a photography and film activity. The Oakland Cemetery is also a must-stop; ancient oak trees, beautiful flowers, and picturesque corners would be an ideal match for your photo album.

3. Dancing

If you’d like to catch gazes while taking over the stage, theatrical dance may be for you. The beauty of this performing art is seen in the creative movements demonstrated by choreographers in many Atlanta dance studio. There’s also participatory dance, which is mainly to entertain your self.

These dance steps may cut across different regions from China, India, Latin to West Africa. As young as your three-year-old, there’s a place in the largest dance studio for them in Atlanta. Over there, music and dance are tools for coordination and self-expression.

There are also adult classes for grown-ups. You can finally become an avant-garde dancer if your creativity resides in your movements. 

4. Drawing and Painting

Atlanta can be your stop for an unforgettable drawing and painting session. There is a variety of centers that can teach you the technique of creating images on a paper using ink, crayon, or graphite.

Moreover, painting can help you express your emotions and ideas with the production of aesthetic visuals. As a non-professional, you are participating in these art activities during a holiday or vacation can save you from boredom and stress, as art remains a renowned therapeutic activity.

If you need help with places to acquire this knowledge, 2 Smith Art Gallery is an ideal place for learning painting. For couples with a similar love for art, Painting for Singles & Couples would be just fine.

5. Pottery and Ceramics

Atlanta is never short of pottery and ceramics centers for art lovers. Whether as a tourist or a dweller, undertaking pottery and ceramic classes for fun or merely having a tour of some pottery shops in the city can help you design some of the loveliest pots, cups, and other home items you’ve ever imagined. Aw Pottery Atlanta is a host of hundreds of elegant China and Vietnam collections. With a fun visit, you can acquire some nature-stimulated pot and planters for your home and garden.

Moreover, Atlanta Clay Works would get you in the mud for the right reasons, while Art and Soul studio would be ideal for a beginner. The list is endless, but they’re all in Atlanta.

6. Woodworking

In Atlanta, not only is music and dance the soul of the city, but woodworking also takes the front row in her artistic side. After all, Atlanta has an array of museums that exhibit many carved designs made from wood.

There are many studios in Atlanta where you can access tools to carve your piece. It also allows you to meet other woodworkers to sharpen your creativity.

Keep your welding machine in view when going for woodwork, especially if your creation will require using steel. That said, you can find the best welding machines. With the above art and cultural activities, there can be no dull moment in Atlanta.