WonderRoot Announces 2012-2013 Walthall Artist Fellows


Signature career development program equips artists with resources and relationships for self-sustaining creative practices

Earlier this year, WonderRoot launched the Walthall Artist Fellowship, a signature career development program for artists at pivotal points in their careers. Through a year of symposia, peer-learning, mentorship, a residency on Ossabaw Island and a group exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Georgia, twelve artists will be equipped with the resources and relationships to have self-sustaining creative practices.

WonderRoot is proud to announce that the 2012-2013 Walthall Artist Fellows are Kevin Byrd, Bethany Collins, In Kyoung Choi Chung, Corian Ellisor, Helen Hale, Roni Nicole Henderson, Sean Hilton, Sergei Isaenko, Andre Keichian, Michael Klapthor, Deborah Sosower, and Rachel Stoker.  Coming from diverse backgrounds and working in myriad forms, from printmaking and sculpture to film and dance, the 12 Fellows are all artists working in Atlanta who stand out for the quality of their work and their readiness to reap benefits from concentrated attention on their individual professional growth.

"WonderRoot is committed to and humbled by the opportunity to support the 12 Walthall Artist Fellows as they make the leap to a sustainable career as an artist," says WonderRoot’s Maggie Ginestra. "Collectively and consistently, their work is tender and visionary, fearless and listening.  We are committed to the impact each of their visions and trajectories will make in Atlanta and beyond, and hope to magnify their impact by providing resources and relationships."

At a moment when Atlanta is rapidly evolving, WonderRoot recognizes that in order to attract and retain residents, visitors and thriving culture and economy we must keep Atlanta’s best artists in the city.  The Walthall Artist Fellowship is designed to do just that – assist artists to make a living from their work while deepening their relationship to both leaders and community.

Shana Barefoot, Collections & Exhibitions Manager at MOCA GA, says "the Walthall Fellowship is offering exactly what Atlanta’s burgeoning artists are hungry for – real professional development. This program holds great promise and I eagerly anticipate fruit in the form of deep conversations, relationships, and work – from which we will all surely reap the benefit. The 12 artists chosen have demonstrated proficiency in their disciplines and a sincere desire to contribute to the community through their craft. The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia (MOCA GA) is delighted to partner with WonderRoot in this program by hosting an exhibition of works by the chosen artists at MOCA GA during the summer in 2013."

WonderRoot is an Atlanta-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts organization committed to uniting artists and community to inspire positive social change.



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