Summertime is a great opportunity to catch up on reading, and if you’re looking for some good books about arts and culture, we’ve got you covered. From a history of the modern art movement to a memoir about growing up in the theater, these five books will keep you entertained and informed all summer long.


“The Story of Modern Art” by Meyer Schapiro

This book is a classic history of the modern art movement, tracing its roots from the late 19th century to the present day. Schapiro’s writing is accessible and engaging, making it a great read for both art history buffs and newcomers to the world of contemporary art.


“Theatre is a Way of Life” by Richard Hornby

This memoir chronicles Hornby’s life growing up in the theater world in England. He offers a behind-the-scenes look at the world of theater, from the audition process to the life of a working actor. A fun and insightful read for anyone who loves the stage.


“Girl in a Band” by Kim Gordon

Gordon, the founding member of the band Sonic Youth, offers a candid and fascinating look at her life in music. She writes about her experiences as a woman in the male-dominated world of rock music and shares insights on the creative process and the ups and downs of life in a successful band.


“The Death of the Artist” by William Deresiewicz

In this provocative book, Deresiewicz argues that the concept of the artist as a genius is outdated and harmful. He makes a case for a new model of art-making, one that is more collaborative and community-oriented. A must-read for anyone interested in the future of the arts.


“What Are People For?” by Wendell Berry

Berry is a celebrated poet and essayist, and in this collection of essays, he turns his attention to the topic of art and culture. He reflects on the role of artists in society and argues that their job is to make us more aware of the world around us. This a thought-provoking read for anyone interested in the arts and their place in the world.


Summer is the perfect time to catch up on your reading list and learn more about arts and culture. Whether you’re interested in history, music, or theater, we’ve got you covered with five books that will keep you entertained all season long. So curl up on the beach or by the pool with one of these great reads and dive into a world of new knowledge. What are you waiting for? Start reading!